We are Locate Bio

Locate Bio is an innovative UK MedTech company that specialises in orthobiologic research and development.

What we do

Orthobiologics is an exciting frontier in regenerative medicine which involves the use of naturally occurring substances to accelerate the healing process of injuries or reverse the impact of progressive or chronic conditions. These treatments are invaluable assets in modern orthopaedic surgical practice.


Our ambition is to build a world-leading, diversified orthobiologic company with a suite of best-in-class products that address clear unmet needs within the industry.

We are focused on providing surgeons with better orthobiologic choices, enabling them to improve the lives of millions of people suffering from debilitating orthopaedic conditions.

Our unique capability

To create our best-in-class products, we bring together two distinct competencies. Firstly, as a spin-out from a leading school of pharmacy, we are passionate about the controlled and extended-release of active ingredients within the orthobiologics sector. This is a concept we refer to as Programmed Drug Release, and we are developing orthobiologic products for the delivery of both large and small molecules.

Secondly, we have deep domain expertise in material science. From these, we create Instructive Tissue Scaffolds with the design intent of guiding the body’s natural healing response.

We bring together these two competencies in a range of our late-stage products, each with significant disruptive potential that represents the next generation of smart graft solutions.