We are LocateBio, and we are developing next-generation products for surgeons so they can relieve suffering and restore quality of life for the 1.7 billion people around the globe who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions.

We are passionate about developing advanced products that can:

  • Overcome chronic low back pain and return mobility
  • Address the rising global threat of antibiotic-resistant orthopaedic biofilm infections

Our research strategy is to only develop next-generation products capable of dominating each of their market segments.

To achieve this, we use our two core competencies to develop exciting new products with breakthrough performance. These two competencies are

  • Programmed Drug Release and
  • Instructive Tissues Scaffolds™

Programmed Drug Release is the modification of the bioavailability of drugs to better match the underlying biological needs. Because bone is a slow-healing tissue type this means we work with well-characterised molecules and control and extend their release profiles.

Instructive Tissue Scaffolds™ are biomaterials which, through geometric clues are able to influence cell fate and healing, without the aid of drugs of exogenous stem cells.

When we bring these competencies together, exceptional products are born.