Realising the potential of control

LDGraft uses a powerful protein called rhBMP-2 to drive cell differentiation and bone formation. rhBMP-2 is the most studied growth factor in bone grafting and is the only growth factor which has so far been able to demonstrate equivalent fusion to autograft in lumbar fusion as part of a Tier 1 study.

At Locate Bio, we are working hard on a next generation of rhBMP-2 growth factor product.

We have set ourselves a clear and uncompromising development goal for LDGraft:

It should:

  • Match the highest fusion rates achieved by products like Infuse and autograft
  • Provide not only the osteoinductive abilities of the rhBMP-2, but also the osteoconductive benefits of a synthetic bone graft scaffold.
  • Tightly control the release of the rhBMP-2 over a number of weeks, to reduce the consequent risks of associated drug-burst related side effects.
  • Have the putty-like handling qualities that surgeons require.


*For investigational use only, not approved for sale

LDGraft Overview

Realising the potential of control