CognitOss Foam*

[Cognito/ cognition or awareness; Oss/ bone]

Osteomyelitis is a devastating disease caused by the infection of bone tissue. When the bone becomes chronically infected, oral antibiotics become ineffective. The infected bone must be surgically removed and simultaneously, the local infection cleared.

CognitOss Foam is a modified version of CertOss Foam, adapted to carry an antibiotic load. Still in development, this product offers the unique promise of

  • A best-in-class 3rd generation bone graft to repair the bone void created during surgery in a single procedure
  • A dual-release antibiotic to initially clear the infection, but with an extended release to prevent reoccurrence.

The extended release of antibiotics has been shown to be sentinel-like and will respond to the presence of infections, increasing the release rate in the presence of an infection. This suggests that any persistence or recolonisation of bacteria at the implantation site will promote a more rapid release of antibiotic from the scaffold, i.e. facilitating increased release when it is most needed.


*For investigational use only, not approved for sale

CognitOss Overview

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