CertOss Conduit*

[Certus/ certain; Oss/ bone]

Osteoimmunology. Instructed.

CertOss Conduit is a novel, 100% synthetic bone graft. It brings together the key discoveries by the leading scientists in the field from the last 30 years. Our proprietary graft builds on the discovery by Ripamonti that new bone only formed in the concave surfaces of a ceramic bone graft when implanted into muscle.1

It goes further, but leveraging the finding by Fukuda that new bone was able to form in the centre of titanium tubes implanted into muscle.2

Finally, we incorporate the latest research on the importance of surface topography, as described by Davison, that submicron surface feature differences between the same ceramic material result in new bone mineralisation in a muscle pouch, whereas micron scaled surface features did not.3

We combine these key principles to form an Instructive Tissue Scaffold called CertOss Conduit.


*For investigational use only, not approved for sale


Biomaterial Science. Applied.


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